Sun and Sand

Hello again from Nassau! As I write you tonight I’ve just taken my iPad out onto the balcony to work on this post but the outside of the display has fogged up. Apparently it was cold from the AC inside and it’s still a humid +24 outside tonight.

Today was another day at the resort, though we’ve now made plans for the future. Tomorrow we’re headed to the Atlantis resort for the day which was featured in the movie Casino Royale and which we can see from our hotel. Then on Saturday we’re headed downtown for a submarine ride, a Pirate museum and just some time in Nassau. We’d wanted to try the bubble submarines but apparently they’re not recommended for pregnant people so instead we’re doing a half submarine, which I’m told is basically a boat with most of the ship below the water line.

At our resort today we got a little bit of a late start and barely made it to the buffet for breakfast. We then got some sun and hit up the slightly colder pools closer to the resort buildings and let the setting sun push us towards the ocean over the course of the day. They have some neat waterfalls here, mostly for ambiance but one can walk through them too. We also played with the Slo-mo video option on my phone a bit, jumping into the pools. The ocean was much calmer today, though the lifeguard was still showing a yellow flag.

For supper tonight we made a reservation at their fancier restaurant and the food was quite good. We then decided to pass on the movie (Just Go With It) and wandered over to the casino for a couple spins on the slots. We were also hoping to hit up the computer Blackjack table but the $1 table was full and we weren’t confident enough to hit up the $4 table. Afterwards we came back to our room for some relaxation time. We’re finding the evening options at the resort to be a bit limiting and are hoping to find alternate off-resort options in the coming days.

That’s all for tonight. Check out Alix’s post tomorrow for details on Atlantis. Will we regret chickening out on the water slides? Will the island be all it’s cracked up to be?? Will we meet Daniel Craig??? Check back tomorrow night to find out!

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