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Plans for Baby Leave

Something we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about since Alix became pregnant (and even before that) is how we wanted to manage the leave provided to us by the provincial government. Leave, as we’ve learned, is distinct from the 50 weeks of benefits (plus 2 week waiting period) provided for us to share by the federal government through employment insurance. In Saskatchewan we’re provided with the option for Alix to take up to 52 weeks of leave and for Jason to take up to 37 weeks of leave. All of this leave must be used within 1 year of the date of birth. You can approximately see how we’ve decided to slice the pie in the table below.

Dates # of Weeks Who?
Jun 1 – 14 2 Alix
Jun 15 – Aug 2 7 Jason & Alix
Aug 3 – Feb 14 28 Alix
Feb 15 – Jun 14 17 Jason

As you can see Alix is taking 71% of the leave she has available to her and Jason is taking 65% of his time. The due date is still June 13th, though for convenience this table assumes a birth date of June 15th.

Jason & Alix