Monthly Archives: April 2010

Wedding Update


Well a few more details to let lose tonight.  To start with we’ve chosen an MC for the reception and it’s someone we’ve mentioned here before.  Kyle Lougheed, who’s also serving as best man, will be adding master of ceremonies details to his responsibilities.  His pay remains the same, nothing.  Well, maybe a bit of wine.

We won’t be paying our ring bear and flower girl in wine, although we know who those will be too!  Carson Krieser, son of Terrence and Cathy (a cousin on my dad’s side), will be taking on the duties of ring bear while his sister, Mya Krieser, will be our flower girl.

We’re currently finalizing the invite list and designing the invitations which will be in the mail within the next few weeks.  The gift registries are also more or less complete and those details are almost ready for posting.  That’s probably what the next blog will be about.  We’ll also be getting engagement pictures taken in Winnipeg near the end of May so watch for those on the blog shortly thereafter.

Well, I think that’s all I’ve got to bring you up to date on.  As of tonight the wedding is just 95 days away!