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February Update

Hi everyone, so we realize that we haven’t been very good at keeping the blog updated so here’s a few things that have now been finalized:

– Just yesterday I found my dress!!!  I’m very excited about this and now I just need to find shoes…

– We found a photographer, Gawlik Digital (www.members.shaw.ca/gawlik).  She’s from Winnipeg, we met last weekend and she seems very nice and accommodating.

– We also have someone to make our cake, Sandra Grobb (from Carberry I think).

– Our wedding bands have been ordered.

The next big things on our list are that Jason needs to go to Moore’s to figure out what the guys are going to wear, I need to finalize what the bridesmaids are going to wear, decide on center pieces and other decorations, and find a florist.

Well that’s it for now, stay tuned for further updates!