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Almost There!

So a few house keeping items to take care of quickly…

Monday morning we found out that the financing has been approved for us to purchase our first house!  It’s a new home located just outside of Saskatoon in a small city known as Martensville and we’re really looking forward to moving in sometime before now and Christmas.

More details are here, we’re moving in to house number 856: http://www.northridgelifestyle.ca/glenview/

Also our wi-fi network is now up and running here at the farm.  While the coverage area includes most of the camp sites and the ceremony, reception and dance areas please be advised that it can be quite slow since it is connected over a dial-up connection to the internet.  No YouTube watching for you!

The wedding is tomorrow and we’re all really excited!  The site is nearly ready and we’ve been very well briefed with what we’re expected to do tomorrow.  If you have any questions please check the dates and locations pages first for the latest information.  We’re really looking forward to seeing so many of you in a few hours and showing you all of the preparation we’ve been busy doing over the past week.

Also I’d like to welcome anyone who might be interested to join me Saturday morning for a quick round of golf before the wedding.  We’ll be meeting at 9:00 AM at Northern Pines golf course in Brandon on the North Hill off of Braecrest.  It shouldn’t cost more then about $12, plus rental if needed.

See you all soon!