Bahamas day two!

Today was our first full day in The Bahamas. We took it pretty easy, starting out by doing a bit of shopping at the market across the street from our hotel. Jason needed a new hat as he forgot to pack his, we had a bit of trouble finding one to fit his large noggin but we finally found one. We also picked up a few souvenirs and a new hat for me as well.

We then enjoyed a relaxing day on the beach. There was a fair bit of sun but a few clouds and it was a little windy. It also rained for a bit after about 4:30 and into the evening.

I’ve been pretty happy so far with the selection of virgin drinks with piƱa coladas, several flavors of daiquiris and Shirley Temple’s. We also had our first drinks at the swim up bar today, a first for us on vacation! The pool was very nice and warm!

I’m not sure if it’s that I’m wearing tighter clothing than in snowy Saskatchewan or that the Bahamian people are more forward than the Canadians I’m used to, but in two days I have had two people already guess that I’m pregnant! One of which had just walked by me on the beach a couple of times while I was sitting on a beach chair and then yelled out “Oh, a bun in the oven! Love it!” Really! Who says that to a stranger! Anyway, the people have all been very nice so far.

The cats that wonder about outside our resort are also fairly friendly! After supper we decided to go for an evening stroll outside since the rain had stopped and at one point we had three cats walking along with us!

We also hit up the casino attached to our resort tonight, quickly lost our free $5 on the penny slots and decided to call it a night!

Well that’s all for today! Good night!

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  1. Andrew Robert Bruce


    My old girlfriend, Crystal, are getting along great. We’re spending 8 hours a day together. I’d prefer it if we were spending 8 hours a night together and she were a real-life girlfriend, but… we’ll… you know how she is. At least she’s easy to work with. She’s very compliant, and she does what I ask her do to.


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