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We’re pleased to announce tonight that we’ll be providing free Wi-Fi internet on-site at the farm to visitors during our wedding weekend.  We’ll be supporting up to 50 users connected at any given time using either the 802.11g or 802.11b protocol.

To accomplish this we’ve acquired a special router that includes a 56K dial-up modem which will be able to dial in to the internet when any user connects.  This method will obviously cap the speed of our connection but we believe slow internet is better then no internet and we’re confident this will be fast enough to meet most of the needs of a wide variety of mobile devices including the iPod touch and the iPad along with the odd laptop, netbook and smart phone.

We’ll be extending the network to cover as much of the site as possible and we’ll get a better idea of our coverage range as we prepare in the week leading up to the big event.  We will be specifically attempting to ensure good coverage of the main tent and as many of the camping sites as possible.  There will also of course be Wi-Fi at the hotel we’ve been recommending.

The wedding’s getting close and we’re really starting to look forward to it!  We’ll see you all soon.