Wet Walk

Well, today was our last full day on the resort. Tomorrow morning our bus leaves for the airport at 11:00 but for today we set to work notching the last few items off our to-do list. We started with breakfast at the buffet and then went across the street from our resort for a little souvenir shopping at the local straw market. We finished quickly and then went for a walk down the road to see the construction for the new Baha Mar resort.

After our shopping we headed for the water with a bit of time in the cooler pools and some more fun with the slo-mo video option on my phone. We then went for the ocean and rented 30 minutes on a ski-do from some locals. We weren’t able to do anything too crazy or go too far but did get some good trips in, up and down the beach and a bit further out into the ocean. After our rental had elapsed we ventured to the wet bar for some drinks, checked into our flights via the beach WiFi and went back to the ocean for one last swim. As the sun set we took a walk down the beach in the surf, venturing again past the Baha Mar and also past the Wyndham resort, the Breezes (which was ultimately our second choice for this trip) and finally turned back at the public beach. Today was another great walking day overall, a little hard on my feet but it was great to once again pass 10k steps with 10,285.

After returning from our walk we got cleaned up and headed for supper at the buffet, they had a tasty crab salad tonight that I enjoyed. Afterwards we headed to the casino where we both finally got in several hands at the Blackjack table with some boisterous gamblers. We lost our $20 but managed to work it for about an hour. We actually didn’t quite lose it, I cashed out with $0.50 left and Alix took that to a slot machine and managed to work it back to $5 so we really only lost $15. We then headed back to our resort and played a bit of ping pong before returning to form, using the beach WiFi on our phones and enjoying our last bits of warm weather.

That’s all for tonight and that’s all for me on this trip. Alix will wrap things up for you tomorrow night with our last hours in the Bahamas and our journey back home through Toronto.

Good night!

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