Bye Bye Bahamas

Today we bid farewell to the Bahamas. We were very sad to leave the warm weather, sand and sun behind us. During our trip we experienced beautiful weather, warmer than usual for this time of year, with highs of +28 C and lows of just +21 C.

Today we were up in decent time to get packed up and grab one last breakfast from the buffet (bacon day 7!). We checked out and caught the shuttle to the airport where we picked up some duty free Bahamian Old Nassau rum. The restaurant selection at the airport was a little lacking, so we had to get lunch from Dunkin Doughnuts and didn’t realize how “large” a large drink would be and I likely got my caffeine quota for the next 3 days from my coffee coolatte (might be feeling a few extra kicks right now as well).

As I write this we are about halfway between Toronto and Saskatoon and our flights have been uneventful so far. Not looking forward to the inverse weather that awaits us in Saskatoon, going from +24, feels like +34 (with humidity) to -24, feels like – 34 (with windchill), it’s really not fair!

In all though we had a great relaxing vacation and only wish we could have stayed a little longer…

That’s all for now!

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