Rollin’ at the Resort

Today was another day on the resort, taking advantage of what it has to offer us. We started with a late breakfast, it’s been a longtime since I had bacon this many days in a row and that was coupled with a custom omelet. They have pretty much everything you could want at the breakfast buffet, the only thing is they switch off days between offering pancakes and French toast. Somedays they’re a bit slow with the bill but otherwise it’s been pretty good.

After breakfast we headed over to the pool to take advantage of a mostly sunny day and the swim up bar. We indulged in a few drinks and then headed over to the beach for some time in their paddle boat. After a soup and salad lunch we headed back out on the water where I managed to tip our kayak. We both then tried the paddle boards for our first times and discovered the challenge of maintaining our balance on them.

After another supper at their Italian restaurant we headed over to watch their Caribbean night which featured music, dancing and a fire display. Afterward we headed back to the casino but the blackjack table was again busy so Alix helped me through losing several hands of poker.

Afterwards we headed back to our room for the night. Tomorrow we’re planning to head into Nassau for the day.

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