Hello from Haiti

Hello from the Freedom of the Seas where as I write this we’ve just docked at Labadee, Haiti, our port for the day.

Yesterday we were at sea in very windy conditions, windy to the extent that we were almost more afraid of being wind burnt then sunburnt. The morning was sunny but as we moved into the afternoon it started to cloud over and around supper time we actually moved through a storm and it rained on deck for several minutes, for the entire day it probably never got warmer then 22 C.

After arising for breakfast in our room we unpacked a bit, showered and then went out on deck to enjoy the sun. We had lunch and at 3:00 we went to the Freedom-ice.com show, an impressive ice skating show they have onboard. Afterwards we went for our first formal dinner night where Jason had a very tasty Shrimp Ravioli and Alix had a yummy Beef Tenderloin.

In the evening we went to the Captain’s Reception where they had free champagne and a few short speeches from the senior officers on the promenade deck where he indicated that there are more then 4,000 people aboard with more then 400 of them hailing from Canada. After that was the musical Marquee in the theatre which is a tribute to several Broadway shows. We then visited one of the Piano bars where we finished the evening with some drinks.

Well, our room service finally arrived (20 minutes late, but this is probably the time when everyone wants it today) and the Captain just came on the intercom and indicated we can disembark at our leisure. Breakfast time!

Jason & Alix

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