Acclimating in the Atlantic

Hello from the Atlantic!

After an early morning flight out of Saskatoon and a stop over in Minneapolis we made it to Orlando, Florida on Saturday where we met up with the Fosters and headed for a rather breezy and somewhat cool Port Canaveral. Yesterday, we boarded the Freedom of the Seas and set sail for a day of cruising today before we arrive in Labadee, Haiti tomorrow.

Yesterday we went through the standard first cruise ship day fare including our safety drill, some touring of this massive ship and a set sail party with Devin, Amy and Owen Foster, Devin’s parents Ron and Penny and Devin’s sister Michelle and her fiancĂ© Kyle. We also had our first supper in the dining room where Jason had a delicious seafood spaghetti and Alix had a tasty Salmon fillet. Afterwards we toured the ship visiting the Bull & Bear Pub on the indoor, 4-storey promenade deck, where we got to see the Dreamworks Move it! Move it! Parade. We also visited the Olive or Twist bar near the very top of the ship on deck 14 and even visited the helipad at the very front of the ship. It was a dark night last night so we couldn’t see much beyond a few white caps on the water and another cruise ship way off in the distance.

We’re still able to feel the rocking of the ship as we “gain our sea legs” but we’ve been told that will pass as we get used to it and the wind dies down over the next few days. Today we’re booked to see an ice show in the afternoon and for the rest of the day we’ll likely take in some swimming and relaxing. The WiFi is pricey here, $0.75 per minute without a package, but we will try and upload regular updates from our very first cruise. Happy Monday!

Jason & Alix

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