Bonsoir from Paris!

Today was a traveling day as we moved from London, our home for the past several days to the world’s foremost tourist attraction: Paris, France, where more then 80 million visitors every year line up for that perfect shot of the Eiffel Tower.

We started at 7:45 this morning when we left the hotel in London and hit the carriageway. A couple hours later we arrived at the Port of Dover where after a quick trip through French customs and a brief delay we saw the white cliffs and boarded a large ferry (by our standards) featuring restaurants, bars, stores and gaming. That took us about an hour and a half to get to the Port of Calais in France. We drove past the Vimy Memorial and finally made it into Paris around 5:00 local time which is an hour ahead of London. While it was an interesting drive through the countryside today I believe next time it would be preferable to use the Chunnel to make the trip since it could have moved us from London to Paris in about 2.5 hours, leaving more time for sightseeing.

After arriving at our Paris hotel we rested, had some supper and then moved on to a driving tour of the city which included our first glimpses of a sparkling Eiffel Tower before we headed back to the hotel at around 11:00 for a glass of wine before bed.

We have a jam packed day tomorrow so I should get some sleep, good night!


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