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Today was our first full day in Paris and it was great! We started out by stoping by the Eiffel Tower for a group photo, then it was on to a Bike Tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours. The tour was great, but a bit more demanding than we had anticipated. We managed to not get ran over though, and “dominated” the road. At the end of that we were rather tired and went to find lunch.

We had lunch at Le Trente-Huit, which was quite nice, delicious open face sandwiches, and some wine. Then we headed over to the Hôtel des Invalides where Napoleon’s tomb is located and the Musée de L’Armée where there was lots of info on all the wars that have taken place.

Then we made a quick stop at the Arc de Triomphe on our way back to our hotel on the Metro. We managed to get in a quick nap (exhausted after the bike tour) before heading off to the Moulin Rouge! The show was amazing and the food was pretty good too! The Moulin Rouge show included lots of dancing and singing performances as well as a juggler, acrobats, clowns, a sound effects guy and a girl swimming in a water tank with snakes!

After the show we went next door to O’Sullivan’s for a few drinks and some dancing with the Contiki group, good times!

We got a cab back to our hotel and figured we were safe with just saying the Ibis hotel by the Porte de Clichy Metro stop… Well turns out there’s two Ibis hotels close to there… So we got to walk for 5 minutes or so in the rain to the right hotel…

As a side note, I see why people in Europe are in such good shape, so much walking! It’s great, but for the out of shape Canadian it’s quite tiering.

Tomorrow will be another action packed day so we’re off to bed.


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