Big Weekend

Tonight marks the beginning of probably the busiest wedding weekend for us since we got engaged. Sunday is the bridal shower, an affair largely for the ladies, followed by our engagement photo shoot Monday in big ol’ Winnipeg, my old stomping grounds.

The weekend has already been eventful, I’m writing this on my iPhone on the highway (not while driving, I lack the talent and the rebelious nature for that) and we’re running late thanks to a flat tire in Saskatoon. Luckily it occurred close to home so we were able to throw on the spare tire and run home to switch vehicles.

Anyway it should be a good turn out for the bridal shower, all the bridesmaids will be in attendance along with a fair few family and friends. Rain is currently forecast for Monday in the ‘peg which may drive our shoot indoors. The photos will hopefully be available right here on the blog within a week or two afterwards.

Well, that’s all for now. Keep an eye on the blog and the twitter over the next few days, we’ll likely have more to say as the next few days roll by…


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