The View From London

So yesterday we tried to visit the Olympic Park here in London. We made it right up to the gate but we were unable to get in, they were sold out of the £5 tickets. Not only for yesterday but every other remaining day of the Paralympics as well. Boo. So, Alix took a couple distant pictures of the Orbit and Olympic Stadium and after grabbing a drink and some free wifi at the Westfield mall that’s right across the street we caught the subway to the London Eye.
The London Eye wouldn’t normally be my cup of tea (it’s a GIANT ferris wheel essentially that doesn’t play favorably to my fear of heights) but it was actually pretty cool. It’s slow moving and rarely stops so you get on and off while it’s still moving. The view is quite impressive.
Before that we went for a boat tour down the river and under several bridges including Tower Bridge and London Bridge. After the Eye we took a walk down the river stopping at the Tate museum of modern art and The Anchor pub for supper (where they apparently filmed the final scene of the first Mission Impossible). We then walked back to the hotel, past St. Paul’s cathedral.
We’re adapting pretty well to the new time zone. Two things I miss from Canada so far though are hand sanitizing stations (locals don’t seem to be aware of the term, though they’d be nice to have in the subway stations) and the tip option on debit/credit machines. I also miss the little jams on the table, we haven’t seen those here yet.

Tonight we meet up with our tour at supper but before that we’re going to try and make a few more attractions.


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