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Social Sacked

So if you haven’t heard yet Alix and I have sacked the idea of a wedding social.  We did some research, crunched some numbers, spoke with our parents and decided that it just didn’t make sense for us, although we thank everyone for their help with the research.  With that we’re now focused on ensuring that the few days leading up to the wedding and the big event itself are all the more grand and exciting.

The only event now scheduled to take place before wedding week is Alix’s bridal shower being planned by maid-of-honour Amy Foster.  That will most likely happen sometime in the month of May but we’ll post more details here as things get firmed up.

We’ve started working on the gift registry and have a whole 10 things registered so far!  We’ll likely head back and finish up the registry sometime over the next couple weeks and then post it to the blog in April.  In addition to the gift registry we’ll also be posting one or two charities for those preferring to give a donation on our behalf and we’ll also be asking for money to go towards our honeymoon and other exciting post-wedding things.

That’s all for now.  My side of the wedding party just got the details for their outfits so watch for them standing awkwardly and getting all measured up for the big day at a Moore’s near you!  Or not.