Shower Links

What a weekend!  We finally got back to Saskatoon just before 2 AM local time last night and I think we’re both dragging our feet a little today.  Posted below are the links to the media we have so far from the Bridal Shower.  Both the pictures and the video are from my sister/bridesmaid Nicole.

Alix and I quickly edited some of the video together last night including a couple of the games, the cake and a few other little tidbits.  We had to leave the raw video behind in Brandon due to its size so when we return in July for wedding preparation we might edit a few more little pieces to include the gift openings.  Anyway, the video can be found at the link below, in HD even if your setup can support it!

The Flickr link for the pictures can be found below.  We’re hoping to get a few more pictures from other people who were in attendance over the coming days:

The pictures can also be found on my profile on facebook.  The engagement photos will also be making an appearance online, perhaps as early as this weekend.  We’ll let you know as soon as they’re available and whether or not Alix succeeds in convincing me to finally change my profile picture on facebook now that we’ll have some professional photos.


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