Off to Amsterdam

Yesterday we set out for Amsterdam. We travelled by high speed train from Paris to Amsterdam, they go around 300 km/hr. We took some nice video of us flying past cars on the highway where the speed limit was 120 km/hr.

While on the train we checked out the Bar Car, where we had some lunch and some Heineken of course.

When we arrived in Amsterdam we met with our Contiki rep Anna and headed for the hotel. We got our first look at the city with all the canals and the bicycles. After a short brake we headed out for the Red Light District for a walking tour of the bars, canals, and unique Amsterdam establishments including coffee shops, and others… The whole mindset and culture is very different here but it’s great, and the city is beautiful with all of the canals and little streets.

Then we hit up the bars for supper and drinks. Had a good time out with the other Contiki people who came to Amsterdam with us.


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