Last day in Amsterdam

Today was our last full day in Amsterdam, we started out taking things pretty easy by sleeping in until around 10:30, it was really nice to catch up on some sleep. Then we headed into the city and hopped on the Canal-Bus. We cruised around for about an hour on the boat then stopped off at the Heineken Experience Store to pick up a few souvenirs.

From there we walked over to the Apple Store, which is in a really nice old building, so that Jason could exchange the red iPhone bumper he bought in London but didn’t fit his phone properly. Of course while we were there he also found the new EarPods (headphones) that just came out so he picked those up.

We picked up a few more souvenirs and checked out the Condomerie, a unique store selling novelty condoms. We had some delicious french fries with mayo, a Dutch favorite, from a little shop open to the street and there were a ton of pigeons around picking up all the dropped fries, so lucky me I had one poop on my pants, luckily only a little and Jason was nice enough to go find me napkins.

After dropping off our souvenir haul at the hotel we went for supper at Moeders (meaning Mother’s). It is a very quaint, and busy/popular place to get classic Dutch food. We ordered a sampler meal of various dishes and there was SO much food but very tasty. It was good that we called ahead and made a reservation since the place was quite busy. The decor was interesting with pictures of people’s Mothers covering all of the walls and the dishes were all mismatched, it was like everyone’s grandma’s house, I really liked it.

We capped off our night walking around town and checking out the Amsterdam metro. The metro network isn’t very big yet but they are working on adding more lines. The stations we were at were pretty dead but very large, very different than the London or Paris subways that were always quite busy when we took them.

We head home to Canada tomorrow, sad our trip is over, but we had a great time!


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